Faith Stories

Faith Stories

Every Christ-follower has a faith story.  A story that begins with God’s love and salvation received through faith that results in a lifetime of change.  Sharing and hearing stories of faith can bring hope, encouragement and direction to many.  Enjoy the following faith stories and may they might just used of God in the story of you.

Tia’s Story
Tia shares her story of faith @calvarywv – God used an extremely bad experience to provide great good. Be encouraged by this amazing faith story.
Watch Tia’s story of Faith


Lisa’s story
Lisa shares her story of faith. Through the influence of a believing grandmother and Christian friends Lisa came to believe in Jesus. Watch Lisa’s Story of Faith


Joe’s Story

Joe shares his story of Christ’s deliverance from addiction to sobriety and now he helps others overcome addictions in their lives. Watch Joe’s Story of Faith



Jordyn’s Story
Jordan shares here faith story of her amazing rescue from a life of bondage to a life of freedom. Watch Jordyn’s Story of Faith


Life Groups
Life Groups
In this brief video, Jerry, Lora, Blake, Ashley, Brian, Joe, Bridget and Clare share their stories of
strengthened faith and relationships through participation in LifeGroups.
Watch These Stories of Faith


Tamera tells her faith story by recounting how she “got busy” serving
in the children’s ministry Watch Tamara’s Story of Faith


Pam shares her story of faith of growing up in a Christian home and discovering that she needed a personal relationship with Jesus
Watch Pam’s Story of Faith



Lindsey tells her faith story as she journeyed from desperation to deliverance.
Watch Lindsey’s Story of Faith



Chuck shares his faith story about God’s leading for more than 60 years as a follower of Christ, as a church planter and pastor.
Watch Chuck’s Story of Faith



Will shares his story of faith and how God used a series illness to “break” his wandering lamb.
Watch Will’s Story of Faith



Sarah shares her story of growing up in a Christian home her journey away from church and her return to the Lord.
Watch Sarah’s Story of Faith


Pat shares his story of faith – be encouraged by hearing of God’s ability to sustain and restore.
Watch Pat’s Story of Faith


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