3Gs of Following Christ

3Gs of Following Christ

3G Process of DiscipleshipSimplicity is always good and in short supply in today’s world. With this said, here at Mt. Calvary we strive to keep things simple as to why we do what we do.

Our purpose is to lead people to an encounter with Jesus Christ and to teach them how to live their lives for Him.

Please go here if you need to know more about Beginning a Relationship with Jesus.

We fulfill our purpose by three actions in our relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. These three actions are what we call the 3Gs.

Go to Church

5 reasons to go to churchWe believe that to be a growing and obedient follower of Christ we must go to church. While some may be hindered from attending church due to circumstances beyond their control, we must seek to regularly go to church.  There is no substitute for being together with God’s people. So make it your goal to meet with members of God’s family as we go to church.

Get in a Group

Life is not meant to be lived alone but is better when we are connected with others. At Mt. Calvary, getting involved in a LifeGroup is a great way to make friends, live life with others, and thrive in your relationship with Jesus. tell me more

Get Busy

A great way to connect at Mt. Calvary is to begin volunteering in our church. We can help you use the gifts that God has given you to serve at Mt. Calvary, in the community, and the world. tell me more

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