Vision Appalachia Food Boxes

Vision Appalachia Food Boxes

Just this past year V.A. has provided around 600 boxes by partnered with us and other churches to fulfill the needs of the folks in Central Appalachia.  In the boxes is a written letter from the president of V.A. explaining how people can have their sins forgiven through a relationship with Jesus Christ, where folks can get connected to a local church and a Bible.


In order for us to achieve our goal of making 50 Food Boxes, we need your help in providing food.  We’re collecting food at service entrances from now until Sunday, February 13. 


5 lb. of flour

5 lb. of sugar

1 large container of applesauce of fruit

1 large peanut butter

1 large Velveeta cheese

2 lbs. of margarine

5 lb. of potatoes

1 large bag of pinto beans

1 large bag of navy or great northern beans

1 loaf of bread

2 cans of canned meat, spam chicken or tuna

1 container of wipes

1 roll of paper towels

4 cans of soup

If you are unable to drop off food, then you can donate directly to Vision Appalachia by clicking HERE