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Heroes, Warriors and Followers of God - Leaders Page
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Thank you for leading a small group study on dealing with battles in our everyday lives. It is my prayer that this time in God's Word and with God's people will be a great encouragement to you.  Below you will find some additional suggestions and links that may be helpful.

On the main page for this series you will find links to the discussion guides for each session.  Make sure each member of your group has his or her own copy.

You will also find links to opening and closing videos.  Please show these to your group at the beginning and end of each session.  The last two sessions do not have closing videos so that you can have more time for group discussion.  You can either play the videos by clicking on them, or you may "right click" and "save file as"  to save the file to your computer.   You can play these mp4 video files from a computer, laptop, or tablet.  Hooking your device to a large screen monitor also works well for these videos.

If for any reason the high definition video links on the main page are not working properly on your equipment try using the standard definition links below. 

Also you will find links to "live recordings on the main page." These were recorded in the spring/summer of 2015 while I led a "small group" through this study.  Perhaps by listening to this audio you may pick up some additional ideas for your own group.  I do not recommend that you play these live audio recordings to your group.

Jesse Waggoner


    Standard Definition Videos

Session 1     Open     Close
Session 2     Open     Close
Session 3     Open     Close
Session 4     Open     Close

Session 5     Open    

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