Worship the King

Worship the King

(Rev. 4:1-11)

Pastor Jesse Waggoner share a vision of the worship of Heaven from Revelation chapter 4, and how we can join in worship everyday.

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Outline for this message:

Worship the King (Revelation 4:1-11)

We MUST worship

1. He deserves worship (vs. 1-5)

  • His promises will be fulfilled
  • His power is on display
  • His people will be gathered

Worship Him with the beauty of your life

2. He deserves continual worship (vs. 6-8)

  • Seen in the structure of Heaven
  • Seen in the creatures of Heaven

Worship Him with your investment of time

3. He deserves your worship (vs. 9-11)

  • Which moves us to humility
  • Which moves us to sacrifice
  • Which moves us to speak

Worship Him with your heart and voice

Make worship a daily habit

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