The Heart of Christmas

The Heart of Christmas

Does your celebration of Christmas ever get complicated? I am sure it does. While the story of Christ’s birth is eternally profound, the heart of Christmas is so simple even a child can understand. In the weeks leading up to our Christmas celebration we are going back to simple. We are going to reexamine the Scriptures and enjoy the essential message that God has sent His Son to be our Savior.  I am looking forward to our times of study and worship as we open our Bibles and get back to the Heart of Christmas.

Dr. Jesse Waggoner
Senior Pastor

Love (John 3:16)

The heart of Christmas is found in the love of God.


Hope (Luke 2:22-37)

Hope is having confidence in what is not, but will be.


Peace (Luke 2:14)

Jesus is the source of all peace. In our moments of anxiety we must look to Him.


Joy (Luke 2:10)

Joy is at the heart of Christmas