Serving in a World of Wolves

Serving in a World of Wolves

Sunday Nights at 6:00 pm. July 30 – August 27

This biblical study will help us guard ourselves and our families from those who would do us spiritual harm while appearing to be servants of God.  Sometimes we encounter false teachers in print and in person, online or on our doorstep.  Fortunately God gives us ample warning and strategies to help us all continue to embrace the truth and avoid error. Take the time to scripturally equip yourself to serve in a world of wolves.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Matthew 7:15-20)
In session one of “Serving in a World of Wolves” we learn to protect ourselves by examining the fruit of those who would teach us.


Sheep among Wolves (Matt. 10:16-23)
In session two of “Serving in a World of Wolves” we learn that there is purpose for serving among wolves, and the strategies to do so successfully.


The Wolves Are Coming (Acts 20:27-32)
We must use the skillful teaching of the Word of God to protect the flock from the wolves that seek to destroy the flock of God.


Six Varieties of Wolves
In part four of “Serving in a World of Wolves” we learn to scripturally identify the various false teachers that threaten the church.