We invest much into our health.  We watch our diet, we exercise, reduce stress, track our sleep and access the best medicine can offer.  But, how can we gain and maintain a spiritually healthy life? To answer this question we turn to the Bible. In this Bible study series Pastor Jesse Waggoner will take you through the simple but often overlooked steps to being a healthy follower of Jesus.

Session One


Lay Hold of Eternal Life (1 Tim. 6:12,19)

Living with an eternal perspective provides spiritual health to followers of Jesus.


The New You (2 Cor. 5:17)

We must overcome three lies we often tell ourselves in order to understand our true identity.

 Ask (Matt. 7:8)

We can and should ask God for what we need.


 Refocus on the church

In this study from Acts 6 we will learn the importance of and our part in the church.


Refocus Outward (Acts 8)

The church must maintain an outward focus to share the gospel with the world.