How to be the Church (Letter to Titus)

How to be the Church (Letter to Titus)

In order for you to know or have a solution; you first must know the problem.  Until you know what the problem is, you cannot possibly find the answer.

The Apostle Paul knew the problem & the solution when it came to resolving issues on the Island of Crete. Paul’s encouragement in his letter to Titus cultivates discernment and godly living as relevant now as it was in the first century.  Join us during this series, as we will see four essentials in practical ways of How to be The Church.

Titus 1:1-4: Belief effects behavior

Your belief in the risen Savior should effect how you live.

Week 1 outline


Titus 1:5-16: Set and select

Learn the aspects to aspire Paul wrote to Titus about and how being healthy, you are able to help others.

Week 2 Outline


Titus 2:1-15: Contact to impact

We have to make contact with others to make an impact for the Kingdom of God.

Week 3 Outline


The Gospel generates generosity 

At the end of the letter, Paul shares with Titus 4 truths of how the gospel generates generosity in people’s lives.

Week 4 Outline