Angels: Agents of God, Agents of Good

Angels: Agents of God, Agents of Good

Angels are mysterious, marvelous, misunderstood, and most importantly they are real! References to angels appear nearly 300 times in the Bible yet we still know little about these servants of God. In this study we will learn what God has revealed about angels and what comfort and encouragement we can find in the knowledge of God’s angels.  Join us for this study, “Angels: Agents of God, Agents of Good.”



Angels Origins

In this Master Class on Angels, Dr. Jesse Waggoner will show the origin of the angels


Angels: God’s pre-responders

Angels are not God’s “first-responders” they are God’s “pre-responders” and are available to serve God by serving His followers. Learn more in part 2 of “Angels: Agents of God, Agents of good.”


Angels: Yes, He (They) Can

Three stories of angelic intervention show us that God can meet all our needs.


Angel Guardians

Do you have a guardian angel? In this biblical exploration Pastor Jesse Waggoner will show you what the guardian role of angels can mean for you.