Abraham: A Faith Journey

Abraham: A Faith Journey

Abraham’s faith journey, like our journey, begins with God’s actions and not ours. It’s important to know this or we could get frustrated when the journey gets long and difficult, and we could be tempted to take off in different direction that could end disastrous. Join us as we take a closer look at this journey of faith through the experiences of a man named Abraham & learn lessons from his life that will help maneuver us through our own faith journey.

A Faith Journey
Genesis 12:1-9

Pastor Adam shares how Abraham’s journey provided a pattern of faith to live by.

Sermons Notes

To and From
Genesis 12:10-13:4

Pastor Adam shares principles from Abraham’s faith journey of what happens when we DON’T take responsibility for our actions.

Sermon Notes

From a Disagreement to a Rescue
Genesis 13:5-18; 14:12-16

Pastor Adam Stotler shares relational lessons from the life of Abraham