40 Days After the Cross

They have sometimes been called the forgotten 40 Days – but we are told that during the 40 days, from the resurrection of Jesus until His ascension, “He also presented Himself alive after His suffering by many infallible proofs” (Acts 1:3).  In this study Pastor Waggoner will be taking us into the biblical account so we can profit from the final lessons of Jesus.

Know the Gospel (Luke 24:13-35)
What does Jesus want us to think about and learn? In this study we hear it directly from Him.
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Go with the Gospel (John 20:19-29; Luke 24:36-49)
Why should we take the gospel with us wherever we go? Pastor Waggoner explains.
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Believe the Gospel (John 20:24-31)
Pastor Waggoner teaches us why and then how we must replace our doubts with belief.
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Live out the Gospel (John 21:1-11)
How can we be the examples we need to be for someone to see Jesus?
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Embrace the Gospel (John 21:15-25)
Pastor Waggoner teaches us how we can embrace the gospel, and then what should happen when we do.
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