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The Fist Seven Days

We are naturally curious about our origins, and in knowing where we have come from defines us as who we are.  Thankfully God has given us a record of our beginnings and in this study we will be looking at Genesis, chapter one, as we take a detailed look at the first seven days.   

Dr. Jesse Waggoner
Senior Pastor


Session One      - Day 1 part 1                   Audio       Notes

Session Two      - Day 1 part 2                   Audio                          

Session Three    - Day 2                           Audio       Notes

Session Four     - Day 3 part 1                   Audio       Notes

Session Five      - Day 3 part 2                  Audio      
Session Six       - Day 4                            Audio       Notes

Session Seven   - Day 5                           Audio       Notes

Session Eight    - Day 6 part 1                   Audio       Notes

Session Nine     - Day 6 part 2                   Audio      Notes

Session Ten      - Day 7                            Audio       Notes
Session Eleven - Creation Mankind           Audio      Notes     Notes


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