How Life Works
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This verse study in Proverbs focuses on many real-to-life issues which are on the mind of God and delivered to us from the pen of Solomon in this marvelous collection of wisdom.  The study will deal with the unique literary form that is Hebrew poetry in general and in the proverb in particular.  This book will come alive for you and help your life be marked by wisdom.
  Love Like God
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This study from 1 Cor. 13 will enable you see God's view of love. As you learn what love really is you will appreciate His love more and be able to love others in a more Christ-like way
Heroes, Warriors, & Followers of God 
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In this study of the warriors of the Bible we will learn valuable lessons on the how to be the men God has called us to be.
  The Worth of Work
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In this study we will discover God's purposes for work and how we can find eternal purpose in our lives by connecting our work to His; and you just may make your next work day a more satisfying and enjoyable experience.
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